Well I found Minecraft recently, well not found, finally bit the bullet and started playing it. Man am I addicted, it’s so phenomenally rich in things to do and was to play, it just keeps giving. So I decided along with some friends to rent a dedicated server and run a survival world. I think I’ll progress this blog to reflect this world a bit and share creations and events happening over there. Seeing as I tend to neglect this blog anyway. Why don’t you head on over and have a look, our world map is online here. Server address bellow.




I have to admit I am a massive android fanboy, having used the operating system since getting the G1 back in 2008. It was only by chance that I got it after the iPhone I had at the time got stolen. Looking for a new handset I decided I wanted something more open, more in line with the Symbian OS I had been used to for years previously and not as closed as iOS was an is even more so today. So it came to a toss up between android and Web o’s from Palm, I chose the former as I was familiar its Linux and knew it was built on the Linux kernel. From getting the device to this day I have gradually become more and more of a fanboy.

Now I’m not a fanboy in the normal sense of the word, I can see and objectively view other systems and devices. For certain people I would even recommend iOS over android, due to their history and preferences and the fact it’s very basic. But in most cases android will win the day. From my first time flashing a custom ROM to starting to build from source now and finally starting to get into actual development.

Well now I own two devices the Samsung Galaxy S3, a beautifully crafted and powerful mobile. Unfortunately Samsung have not released all the sources and binaries necessary but we still have some awesome custom ROMs available. The see one device is the Nexus 7, another great device.

and now my most used piece of tech. I never really understood the need for tablets until I bought the N7, it’s the perfect for factor for consumption, it’s just great for reading, listening or watching on, it’s even a reasonable gaming device for certain types of games.

Anyway enough of an intro into my android life. Post ya soon.